I’ve decided that trying to keep track of all of my recipes in both print and online form is too difficult an achievement to accomplish without the help of a blog.  Therefore, this will hopefully help me organize all my recipes as well as all of my thoughts on said recipes.


The inspiration of the title?  My cat, Fillie Cheesecake.  She’s my kitchen helper and likes to keep my company while I’m cooking.  Don’t worry though, I won’t inundate this site with photos of her crazy antics (unless asked!).

Also, I’m not a food photographer, nor do I have any aspirations to become one.  I’ve had the same digital camera for… 7 years?  So there might be pictures of what I’ve made, but most likely there’s just going to be a lengthy deconstruction of the recipe and the resulting food.

I’m 80-90% vegetarian, more because of the cost of organic meat than anything else.  I cook with 90-95% organic ingredients, because I’m of the belief that pesticides do more harm than good, both to the world and to us.  However, I’m not going to rant about that either.  We all can choose for ourselves what works best.

All in all, I just really like tasty food and am totally done with forgetting where I found all my awesome recipes!


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